Over the past month I’ve been busy working on D4RT and trying to keep up with commissions, so it’s been a challenge to stay on track with my streamlined routine – I can’t say that there haven’t been days of slipping into the over-caffeinated, under-hydrated work mode, but I’m adapting and managing to squeeze some life and fun in between all that work. Let’s play a game of breakneck catch-up, shall we?


On Monday, Cris and I went out to the Venice to photograph life coach and super-inspiration, Carol Segrave.

Cris asked me to do make-up, which is exactly what I did.

I loved being around someone so full of lifezest and amazing stories. Carol’s website is being rebuilt at the moment so I can’t link you yet, but! A sneak peek:

Yes, this woman is 69 years old.

That night, Monday was made complete by an Active Child performance.

One of my favorite musical discoveries this year, alongside The Irrepressibles, and they have an Echo Monday residency all month. Chances are I’ll be going again next Monday and the Monday after that. Here is why:

Tuesday’s tattoo commission:


On Monday, Clint, Robert and I went out to Mr. Black for Lina Lecaro’s Wizard-of-Oz-themed birthday and website launch bash.

Between the VIP table [complete with free cocktails] and the sweaty, happy, writhing dance floor, I had an amazing time. Truly, I need more dancing in my life.

With the birthday girl.

Check out Lina’s photos of her magical night.

I’ve been lamenting not having enough friend-time so A and I hosted a Saturday garden screening of Videodrome, thanks to a borrowed projector and a sheet hung over our fence. I took exactly zero pictures, but here is an Instragram photo from Jason.

Friends brought chairs and snacks, and I made a massive tub of guacamole, which was miraculously devoured in its entirety.

Further proof:


The last guests left around 4am.

And finally, David Graves has uploaded some infrared portraits he took of me well over a year ago. These two are my favorites.

A good note to end on! Until very soon.