Can you believe this is the 80th Photo Flurry already?

Full D4RT Mode is now engaged and my itinerary is making me giddy: I’m flying to Lima on September 13th, then from Lima, I’ll fly to Moyobambo and Yantaló is a short-ish drive from there. Mostly I’m making supply shopping lists, laying down a lesson plan, figuring out how to fit everything into two 50-pound suitcases and commencing the student-wrangling process. The D4RT Kickstarter has a little over a week to go, which means chances of making it to Cambodia with this round are slim, unless we manage to, somehow, get 6k in the next nine days. Either way, Yantaló is ON!

Additionally, I’ve just re-blued my hair into 4 different shades [more to be added] with an amusing starry night manicure to match…

…and finished this tattoo commission. I also went to an artist signing for the Sketch Theatre book, watched witchy cinema, and caught up with friends.

Posting here will continue to be sporadic for the near future. Meanwhile, you can find further fragments on Twitter and Tumblr. Now, some photos to fill the void!

7AM garden view.

Exploring CalTech.

At Figaro Bistrot.

Sweater kitten.