Photo Flurry

When you get together with out-of-town friends, it best be memorable. This is precisely why I decided to join my usually remote comrades Gala, Nubby, Amy, Kevin, and Danielle at Disneyland. It had been years since my previous visit, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew there would be rides and crowds, but would I still have fun after the initial shock of colors and people wore off?

I took a billion photos [we all did, naturally] which are now up along with the write up, on Chinashop. See hilarious mouse-ear hats! Watch Nubby and Gala do unmentionable things with pickles while I attempt to ingest two corn dogs at once! It’s all here for you, in Disneyland Adventurefun!

Trying to think of what my favorite part of the day was, I just can’t pick. There is something so hilariously perverse about coming back to Disneyland after ten years, knowing the last time you were here as a rambunctious youth you ate a mouthful of mushrooms and talked to the teacups. If you haven’t already, click here to see the whole set!

I will say though, this bubble gun I stole from Gala is still bringing me the happies.