Today is a big fat Ikea day, starting in about an hour so this is just a quick update to say that a kind young lady heard about Robbie, the chow/border collie mix, through Biorequiem, and has now met and expressed interest in adopting him. If all goes well, Robbie will be moving by the end of the week. Thank you again to everyone who has offered suggestions and helped get the word out! I’ll update again if there’s any change of plan.

Now, some photos from a couple of months back that I stole from Amy’s blog. This was when Shien of Dances of Vice NYC and Amy of Sugarpill Cosmetics were in town and we went dancing at Mustache Mondays. I wasn’t planning on going out so I’m not dressed up like the rest of these hussies, but do notice my Molly Crabapple mermaid tank top from Dirtee Hollywood!