Photo Flurry

Realistically, I shouldn’t even be typing right now, considering how tired I am, but I GOTTA. You see, Relocation 2010 is well underway now, with the soon-to-be-former Shadow Gallery about 2/3rds packed, and looking like this:

It’s still difficult to wrap my mind around it, but after today’s labors I’m even more ready and PUMPED to move on. I’ve packed about twelve massive boxes so far, we’ve settled on eleven colors after picking from the below samples, and the ordination of our new home is now well underway.

Earlier today, a merry, precarious paint and supply pile in the back of the ol’ spacebucket:

New master bedroom has a tiled floor and little ledge along two walls. This ledge and one of the walls are now a deep lilac, with the rest of the walls to be a dusty lavender as of tomorrow. Explanatory smears of the lavender in the shot below.

Moving into a new place calls for some form of initiation. A house built in the 1920s calls for a little extra. I’m grateful for such wonderful and understanding friends, who not only offered their helping hands, but didn’t seem to mind waiting while we smoked the place up with sage and sprayed every nook, crack and corner with lavender and frankincense oil. Man, it smells good in there.

Below, A sprays Ginny and Kevin in an attempt at a quickie exorcism. Also below, our mustard yellow living room and eggplant fireplace, after one coat of paint.

When some form of normalcy resumes, I’ll write up a how-to on painting, whether you’re transforming a house or a room. Meanwhile, here is our handsome paintcrew, gloating and enjoying a break of pesto-ricotta-shrimp pizza and beer.

Now off to pass out, so I can do it all over again in the morning. Aww yeahh!