Photo Flurry

‘Suup! I’m dedicating today to learning new visualization techniques. There is a lot of exciting stuff in motion, and the next couple of months are going to be a beautiful tornado of activity, travel and, oh shneep, most likely moving in the midst of it all. As such, extra helpings of level-headed tranquility and organization are in order. Hence today’s plans. Here’s what’s going down.



Unless something goes horribly wrong, in the next 24 hours A and I will be signing a lease for a little amethyst house nestled on a hillside in Echo Park. It’s magic.

Naturally, preliminary painting plans are in place, albeit a little prematurely. Here is what we hope to do with the place, assuming our Feng Shui adviser approves. A’s mother studied the art for ten years and is a seasoned interior decorator, so we shan’t spill a drop of paint until she gives the go-ahead.

If you’re in LA and have spare boxes, I’ll be most grateful, because literally the moment the lease is signed we’re going to start packing. You see, the move must be swift, because…


In the second week of June, I’ll be hitting the road to make an appearance on the 11th at the Dark Arts Festival in Salt Lake City with a certain Clint Catalyst and Paris Sadonis. I haven’t taken a road trip in ages, and even though this one will be brief, I’m very much looking forward to the drive. Will be documenting everything. EVERYTHING. Details to come.



  1. Breakfast of soft-boiled eggs, sliced tomato and French cheese
  2. Maple bacon-wrapped garlic and rosemary pork roast, about to be cooked. FUCK this is good, and here is the recipe.
  3. Sesame oil scrambled eggs with crackers topped with chipotle hummus


Right. So! Here is what’s happening immediately after Salt Lake City.


Sawa and I will be shooting at the APB booth in the South Meeting Hall of the LA Convention Center. This is going to be quite an undertaking, as we’ll be at the booth all day, every day of the convention. Then…



A and I are heading to NYC, 8th through the 14th. On July 10 we’ll be posing for a very special Doctor Sketchy as Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita. It’s a Devil in Moscow Sketchy’s, so be there or be damned for all eternity.

On the 12th I’ll finally be getting my back tattoo finished by the incomparable Tim Kern. Those are the only in-stone plans as of this moment, and more slowly brewing. Very much looking forward to squishing my East coast peeps.


A and I will make our annual pilgrimage to San Diego. I’ll be covering all sorts of fun stuff for Chinashop, while A zooms around taking care of bidness.

I love Poladroid so very much. Here is my head:

So that’s my grand 2-month battle plan, as I see it. I also want to shoot more, draw more, Coilhouse more, read more [currently reading A Rebours, as it’s perfect for moving time], blog more, travel more, and spend more time doing nothing at all. Doable, right?


What’s your plan?

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