My electrical ghost totem writes these handy summary updates every so often, which is where I got the idea. Also, I was just asked to write a bio for a thing, so, yes.

I like this photo because my arm looks weird

I’m Zoetica Ebb – artist, photographer, writer, magazine editor, style technician and cosmonomad. I believe in making life extraordinary and beautiful through all means necessary. I can be hired to write, photograph or draw – simultaneously, if the price is right.

You are reading [or staring at, or licking] – my webzone since 2001. In 2006, after years of traveling, doing things too strange to describe here, and running this site’s several incarnations, I began writing a successful online fashion column. In 2007, I co-founded Coilhouse Magazine with Nadya Lev and Meredith Yayanos. Coilhouse is a thriving web and print publication dedicated to alternative culture. In addition to editing the 6th issue of Coilhouse, I’m currently working on a variety of projects, including my first limited edition fashion experiment.

I can be reached at zoetica [at] gmail [dot] com. If you want to snail-mail something that won’t cause physical or emotional harm, do request my mailing address via email. If you’re shy, you can ask me an anonymous question on Formspring, but, for the love of god, make sure it hasn’t already been answered in the Interrogation Station blog feature or the FAQ.

Coilhouse [sometimes]
Haute Macabre [rarely]
Chinashop [event coverage and urban exploration] – a general dump, likely to be turned into a sketch blog – an irregular, seemingly eternal self-portrait project
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Limited edition items created with collaboration with Plastik Wrap coming very soon.
So are iPhone cases. Oh shneep.

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