Mein droogs! Coilhouse Issue 06 hustle, among other hustles, is upon us, as you may have guessed by the radio silence. Mer, Nadya and I are  working around the clock on the magazine and some awesome new Coil-merch, too, which we’ll be revealing very soon. Meanwhile, I thought I’d interrupt this interruption to quickly let you know about some hawtt T-shirt action.

  • Molly Crabapple’s second round of designs for Dirtee Hollywood is coming soon, and includes a shirt with a drawing of me with a very large powder puff from my last trip to NYC.
  • If you haven’t seen Amelia Arsenic’s new T-shirt collection, A is For Arsenic, for the love of all that is dark and fashionable, do so now. In addition to these shirts being beautifully-designed, the packaging is to die for. It took me actual weeks to get rid of the box my shirt and bag came in.

  • And! I’m excited to have one of my designs be part of Wiloh’s new line in a couple of different styles, out 10/10/10 [that’s next Sunday!]. Wiloh donates a T-shirt to an underprivileged kid with every T-shirt sold, and that’s pretty damn swell. I can’t show you the whole thing yet,  but here’s a sneak peek: