Thursday July 31, you’re invited.

It’s an art reception and it’s my birthday, thus the celebration shall be twice as festive. In addition to a display of never before seen art, you’ll be treated to wine, cheese and the chance to buy a limited run of Zoetica+Plastikwrap tees [only for the ladies at the moment].

This is all of course exciting for a variety of reasons, but especially because I get to be with friends. I first started talking to Adriana some years ago when I fell in love with her slick future fashion label, Plastik Wrap. Turned out we’d been admiring each other’s work. We met in 2005 during my first trip to Canada, collaborated remotely on a photo shoot for her PVC line a year later [some of the pieces were photographed at Blade Runner’s very own Bradbury Building] and are planning to conduct another shoot during my stay this time around. In short, I’m very pleased about the show and the trip itself.

So! If you’re in or near Toronto on the 31st, join me, D, and the Plastik Wrap crew. Do it! And If you can’t make the reception, the show will be up until August 31, for your convenience.