Since announcing my portfolio yesterday I’ve received over 800 votes. This is, in a word, amazing. Not the generic sort of amazing in ” that spandex makes your butt look amaaazing, dahhlink”, but actually amazing. I am amazed. You have come through on a massive level. Last night I spent thirty minutes thanking a portion of the Tweeps spreading the word, but here’s another massive THANK YOU to my Haute Macabre peeps and to Gawwla Dawwling for including a link to my portfolio in her iCing Carousel today.


And this morning I woke up to this message in my inbox: “In response to popular demand, your deadline has been extended to Midnight, January 21st.”  Oh man! This means six more days of rating. And that, in theory, everyone who’s rated my portfolio so far can go back daily and rate it for the next six days. It’s literally two clicks, yo!

Once again, with feeling, my submission portfolio on the Power of Self contest website: If you like what I make, please click five stars.