Blush Response

Today’s eye makeup is inspired by nebulae and the tropics; a scorching mix of hot pink, orange and bright yellow, which I’ve been wanting to showcase for a while now.

Shooting Haute Macabre’s new collaboration with RockLove Jewelry made for a good enough reason to do this. Besides, it’s summer, and a section of my hair is a complementary purple at the moment – all stars aligned, so to speak. This dramatic look is easy and fast, because we’ll be using a large eyeshadow brush for max coverage and blending power.

Makeup, styling and photos by me

Yes, this is the third tutorial featuring warm eye shadow colors. Not in a row, but still. I vow to do a series of cool palette looks, starting with sea foam greens, next. Onward!


  • Sugarpill eyeshadows: Dollipop, Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, Goldilux
  • Mac eyeshadow in Contrast for the brows. Not pictured: an angled brush for eyebrows
  • Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara
  • A large eyeshadow brush
  • Eyeshadow sponge applicator


  1. After your base and brows are on, begin by applying Dollipop to the outer edges of the crease and eye with the large brush, blending outward, and contouring the crease.
  2. Shake off excess eyeshadow, and with the same brush apply Flamepoint to the middle of the eyelid, blending upward toward the brow and a bit over Dollipop, too
  3. Apply Buttercupcake to the inner corner of the eye, blending a little with Flamepoint and pushing the color up to the inner edge of brow and down around the inner eye corner, about 2/3rds of the way around the bottom of the eye
  4. With a damp sponge applicator, dab a small amount of Goldilux under,  and in the inner corners of the eye. Pull a bit of this color along the upper lash line.
  5. Mascara, 3 coats

I topped the look off with my trusty clear Glassy Gloss on the lips. Done!