Photo Flurry

On Saturday, we went to check out the Echo Park art walk. I was perplexed while looking over the event map: it pointed to shops, bakeries, pet stores, restaurants, and just a couple of art studios in between, sprinkled over three+ miles of Echo Park Boulevard. The “walk” aspect was clear enough, but what of the art?

A and I never quite figured out why the happening wasn’t simply called, “Get to Know Your Local Businesses”, but that’s exactly what we ended up doing, and it was long overdue. Even though we’ve lived in this area for almost exactly 1 year now, we haven’t spent much time exploring, so on Saturday we discovered all manner of fun and useful stuff,  just a few blocks away from home.

The experience left me feeling like maybe Echo Park Boulevard will flourish eventually. Right now it’s still in the beginning stages, a post-barrio netherzone with a few small businesses and a handful of hipsters and hippies trying to make the area into a bohemian hotspot. I kinda like it just the way it is.

We managed to avoid street food, came home, cooked dinner, and had what’s become the signature desert around the base: sorbet topped with absinthe. Also, in this case, yellow raspberries.


In unrelated excitements, we received a very large package from India yesterday.

It was alarmingly aromatic, sewn into a safety sack, and took a little convincing before we got it open.

Inside, treasure wrapped in plastic bubbles.

Nine sorts of incense, vitamins and supplements, sari, scarves, a T-shirt, antique Ganesha head, books, pop-chant CD, bags, notepad, soaps, facial masks, change wallets – all courtesy of A’s mother, who spends about half her time in India and likes sending care packages. SCORE.