Zoetica Ebb

Style Dispatch 025 – Color Supernova

This is an especially uncharacteristic Style Dispatch, inspired by the blue rainbow hair I had back in October – which is the chief reason I bought this incredible dress. I just couldn’t resist the Rorschach snakeskin pattern, the kaleidoscopic color combination, and the sheer back panel. And if one is going to wear color, one might as well wear color! Amelia was in town from the UK and we were long-overdue for a photo expedition. We set out with photographer …

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Photo Flurry 098 – Pushing Pencils In the Studio

I’ve been working on my piece for Gag Me With a Toon these past couple of days and actually using the drafting table in mine and Ales’ shared studio as opposed to the kitchen table, as I had for the past two months. Incidentally, the studio is the least-insulated room in the entire house, so protective measures must be taken, even with the space heater on full blast. Not pictured: Micron curled up in her bed right next to it.

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