Oilslicks 007 – Cypripedium Progress

I’m racing to get ths piece finished for Chet Zar’s Conjoined group show on the 21st and it turns out one can get a lot of painting done in four-and-a-half hours if enough over-steeped Pu-erh tea is on hand.  The question now is: will I even sleep again?  

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Oilslicks 003 – Les Fleurs du Mal

Through some monstrous force of will [and at the expense of things that would have probably made me money] I managed to put another 4 hours into this painting. I would say it’s almost at the halfway point., with no more than 20 more hours to go. A part of me hates showing work in progress, but another part loves the process too much not to share, so – here she it, Cyprepedium Lingua. Oil on wood, the first in …

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