Photo Flurry 106 – Malibu Expedition

Saturday began with me admiring freshly-packaged stacks of Spacefriends. Cunch and I spent an entire day hand-packing these bad babies, so a degree of gloating was befitting. After the sticker revelry, A, Daniel, Sonya the dog and I drove out to Malibu for a picnic-n-hike adventure. I’d just had another mortality crisis, so physical activity and getting in close touch with the universe was more than necessary. There was salmon. There was also caramel and sea salt chocolate, home-made guacamole, berries …

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Photo Flurry 047 – Woodland Nymphs in Malibu

I’ve been holding on to all of these since early August. All shot on the same day, in the same park, with the same camera. The fairytale pretty much weaves itself when I look at these, you might find it doing the same for you. Models, in order of appearance: Stepho, Amanda, Katie, Catelin.

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