Mail Day, Happy Day!

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A moment of snail-mail zen, brought to you by my dear friends Annah and Sam, whose surprise packages turned what was about to be a Very Annoying Monday into a wonderful day. Unbeknownst to my friends, I’d been in dire need of both skincare stuffs and a tote bag for my weekly trips to the organic market, and too busy to deal with either of these matters. Through the power of what I can only assume is serious comrade voodoo, …

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Photo Flurry 038 – Best Mothras ever!

Today is my mom’s birthday. Yep, our birthdays are less than a week apart! This is my mom, pictured here with a wild beast: I love this picture. Happy birthday, Mothra! Enjoy cavorting in Laguna Beach! Coincidentally, when I walked over to the post office today to ship art prints, there was a package from the Czech Republic waiting for me. O double-glorious day! A’s mom has been back from India for over a month now, and she brought back …

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