Style Dispatch

This will be kept brief and image-heavy, as I’m in the midst of working on an illustration and wrangling an interview for Coilhouse 05, operating at half brain-speed because my blood is at least 50% spice lemonade thanks to the MC, sending off the last of the sticker orders, and standing on my ears while doing so [the standing on ears thing is an old Russian idiom]. Without further ado, I give you speeding-through Style Dispatch, featuring a day to night outfit of sorts, with a teensy bit of Valentine’s flare, topped off with a make up breakdown.


I was waiting to conduct a photo shoot at Lumi’s beautiful apartment, and took the opportunity to shoot another one of these. The time was right for climbing chairs and being generally rambunctious while my friend was getting dolled up for her shoot.


Possibly the most adorable earrings ever, partially because of the way you put them on. One has to literally thread the hair-thin silver chain through their earlobe.







This fairly innocent, every-day ensemble turns into a party/streetwalker outfit as soon as the jacket and scarf come off. We did end up at a party that night, where this seemed appropriate.


Outfit Breakdown



Make up Breakdown

  1. Eyebrows – MAC eyeshadow in Contrast
  2. ELF mineral eyeshadow in Seductive, highlight is the same brand, in Sweet
  3. Powder foundation by Bare Escentials
  4. Red lip gloss , borrowed from friend, I think by LipFusion.