Yesterday was the day of Grand Shippening. All of last week’s print orders are off, along with D4RT incentives. If all goes well, said incentives [aside from commissioned drawings] will be with my backers before the end of the year. Calculating postage for 150 oddly-shaped envelopes was rather complicated, but my awesome D4RT intern Celia and I were as diligent as time allowed, so I hope not to have to deal with returns.

Also, if you haven’t spent two hours at the post office during the holiday season, I recommend it – if not for the fast and friendly service, then for the comedy.


Postcards, 4 in each set.

Celia’s pretty grey manicure. I, on the other hand, was in full hobo-mode when she showed up to help, fitted BDUs and baggy sweater UNF.

Address labels.


Legs after an especially strenuous shoot for an iPad magazine. Can’t wait to show you the resulting photos!

My beautiful mother.

A little something I’m working on for the Conjoined show – fast approaching on January 21st.

Green tea cake more of which I require in my life.

A-mom on our porch in October.

Micron, pensive as ever.