First things first. Ales and I thank you for all the wonderful, warm wishes and wedding congratulations. We’ve been going back and reading though the announcement‘s comments and, well, you guys are the best.


Second, it turns out I have no time to write this week either! D’oh. However! I have stuck to my Spartan Resolution, donated two massive bags of clothes to Goodwill, and am beginning to list stuff on Ebay in an effort to rid myself of Too Many Clothes.  Tons of really nice things at ridiculous, rock-bottom prices, because I want this stuff out of my apartment, NOW.


And third!


Me and Clint had the big fun at the Gen Art Alumni Celebration that kicked off LA’s Fashion Week, and the evidence is up over at Chinashop.



And last, but certainly not least, I have new hair. More or less. Of course it’s still blue, but now with streaks and varying color chunks throughout – wanted lighter hair for the summer. Actually, I asked for dusty, subdued colors but I ain’t gonna complain about mermaid hair. It will fade and I’ll do dusty the next round. Also, the photo below is a little on the dark side.


In the mix: azure, cerulean, sapphire, onyx, silver. This jewel-toned concoction took five hours to achieve and hell no, I didn’t do it myself. The ladies at Sirens salon on Melrose are to blame. How am I going to maintain it? No idea, but it will be fun to try!