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I´m intrigued by the glimpses of your living space. Any chance for more photos of your home?

Timely question! This space just might be done with very soon. It’s almost inconceivable. I lived here when I went to high school, and again for the past nine [!] years. It’s seen enough roommates, drama, and action for several lifetimes. This apartment is saturated with so, so many memories that it almost feels like a part of me. It is a part of me, really, except that it’s a “me” that existed and will continue to exist in another time. In the present, Ales and I want to make a home in a place that’s ours, not mine, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. So, to answer your question, there will be moving photos and, eventually, photos of our new quarters.

Were you ever an angsty teenager with sub-par self confidence? If so, how did you get past it and what helped you grow into the person you are today? Any advice for some of us angsty teens?

1. Mhmm.

2. Hesitated to answer this one, because I don’t exactly want the mothers of the internet on my tail, but ultimately I’m not here to skim over the big stuff, so pull up a chair, and grampa Zo will tell you a little tale. See, I did it by putting myself through some deep, reckless, irresponsible shit. For years, at that. From the time I was a kid and until about the age of 20, I felt a compulsion to experience and understand things I knew no one would ever teach me at home, or in school, but I sensed were lurking just below the surface. Things I knew couldn’t be taught, and had to be lived, sonny! Having sufficiently traversed the aforementioned shit-mountain, I emerged aware of my capacity to endure, and thus self-assured.

3. Obviously, I do not advise anyone follow that route. Here is some advice I wish I was given, instead: do what you feel, as long as you maintain a balance and can be sure you’re not hurting anyone. That usually means a degree of openness and a lot of self-examination. Avoidance is the enemy.

Also, read more books and eat your greens. Grampa has spoken.

I’m pretty down in the dumps now, and you feel like a strong (emotionally) lady. Have you been heartbroken before? (If yes) How did you get over it?

I’m sorry to be answering this late. It’s been Coilhouse Issue 05 madness and I haven’t peeped at Formspring in a bit. But let me say now, BOY, have I. It’s tough to conceive the depths of the dumps of my past, dude. I’ve been in megadumps of such proportions that I couldn’t even begin to describe them here, nor should I, really. Suffice to say that I got over it because I had to, and not always in the most constructive ways. These days, I do have a specific way I get over things, and that’s by looking at the bigger picture, always. Living is all we humans get, and the less of it we spend being heartbroken, the better. It can be an exquisite, lovely pain, but indulging in it too much is just like any overindulgence – you end up missing the point.

How many hours do you sleep regularly?

At least 6, ideally 8. I love early mornings and have a hard time staying asleep once awake, and my husband wakes up at 5:30am, which generally springs me to life, too. On undersleepy days, I try to nap for an hour around 1 or 2pm. Often unsuccessfully.

What´s the idea or inspiration behind the “reflection” style photos?

I’m pasting my statement from the glorious fail of a contest that was The Power of Self, because it sums things up:

I try to pin down and preserve dream states, like the moment when you look at the warm sun through the red of your closed eyelids and drift. The ambiguous in-between minutes separating lucidity and sleep. The tricks our eyes play in dim light and then, the way we wonder if the world is quietly opening its shutters to grant us a peek at another side and then another. Often, the hours of friendly discourse over too much coffee on the subject of what might happen if every reflective surface was Lewis Caroll’s looking glass.

Were you planning on selling more clothing on Ebay any time soon?

As a matter of fact yes, NOW. I listed a bunch yesterday, though two sold already. Ch-ch-check it out!

Where did you learn the delicious make-up skills? Self-taught? I’m an avid fan of your “Blush Response” segment on your website. It gives me inspiration to do strange things to my face!

Nyarrf, thanks! Can we have some pictures of the strange things you’ve done to your face? Entirely self-taught when it comes to beauty make up, and apprenticed with an established artist in special effects make up, prosthetics, exploding heads and the like a few years ago, too.

A lightning-fast job I did for a W.A.S.T.E. photo shoot

Do you have a haircut you really regret?

Non, je ne regrette rien.

[P.S. Several questions about my camera set up and glasses this week. Naughty birdies didn’t read my FAQ.]