Presenting some things I’ve been doing for your eyeballs!

1. A certain poster project took up most of last week. The art part actually done now, and it’s down to the design aspect of the beast, on which I’m hoping to collaborate with Courtney Riot, provided that designing Coilhouse issue 05 doesn’t drain her of all power. The piece in progress:

Even though the drawing and coloring is finished, I don’t want to show the entire thing just yes, so here is a crop for now:

2. My second live draw-off with Molly Crabapple took place last week, and was a grand success. Here is how these go: we get on our respective webcams, which stream simultaneously on the same webpage, and draw for roughly an hour, occasional spewing nonsense into a chat room where viewers hang out.

Molly was sitting down when I started taking this screenshot. Capturefail.

Once the hour is up we begin live-auctioning our pieces through @ messages on Twitter. So far, I have continued to draw into the auction, because an hour just isn’t enough for my meticulous little strokes.

Each draw off has a pre-determined theme and we’re taking suggestions for next month’s draw-off, so if you have brilliant ideas on the subject, post them in the comments. The most recent one was “Wicked Aristocrats”, my interpretation:

His tattoo says “Mère”, which is “Mother” in French

We haven’t scheduled the next one just yet, but I’ll keep you posted.