I know it’s Saturday and thus an officially unfavorable blorghhging time, but I seem to have gotten sick [again, I know] and must take advantage of a sudden surge of power to write, so!

Next week, September 20 – 27 is No Make-up Week. A whole little network of interpeeps will be sharing their thoughts on this subject across the ‘wub, myself included. I also won’t be wearing any make up, which is actually perfectly normal for me these days, so halt your squeaks of terror, please. As for you, you’re welcome and encouraged to participate however you like, be it by simply not wearing make up, writing about your experience with make up, etc.

Why is No Make-up Week important? It’s just cosmetics, who cares! Well, I’ll tell ya, lots of humans do, and not just because it’s pretty and fun. It’s likely that we all know people who will not leave their home without it, others who become ostracized for wearing it, and folks who are just plain repulsed by it. Obviously, I am the last person to tell anyone make up is bad, but I do believe it’s healthy to examine anything we decide to need or love or fear. So, I’m looking forward to No Make-up Week and talking about some facets of what I find to be a fascinating subject. Skin care, boys and make-up, boys in make-up – these are some of the things you can expect to see here. And worry not – I’ll make up for it with a new tutorial or somesuch, when NMUW’s over.