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EDIT -the ZoeticaNubz are now $100 each. If you already placed your order it will still be $50/Nub, but all Nubz orders from now on are $100. Never fear! $50 custom portraits are still available, just not in Nub form. If you would like me to paint you, yes you, in small format – oil on wood – then so BE IT! for orders. ZoeticaNubzâ„¢, originally uploaded by zoetica. They’re here and waiting for YOU! write zoetica [beep] gmail …

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Childhood zone – set on flickR

where i grew up in Moscow until the age of 11, when i was transplanted to the US. Being there for the first time in 14 years was a strange experience. it had been so long since i left — 14 years to sort of smooth the edges, blur certain corners of the place. i’d dreamt of it, but, by the time i came back, i wasn’t sure which bits were dreams, imagined, which were memories. This day was, very …

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With the much-appreciated help of German and Daniel my livejournal has been intergrated into biorequiem in the “daily chronicle” section. It displays [but not stores, since they’re stored on anyhow] a couple weeks’ worth of every day type posts, while the main updates page is reserved for more significant entries, various artistic endeavors, etc. Next step is gallery integration. Immediate next step is a beer and some Kamen Rider Kabuto.

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Decided to stay away from hiring a new web designer in favor of simplicity and manageability of biorequiem. Attached as i was to the old layout, it simply wasn’t functional. In the end, this is meant to be a portfolio site which, by definition, needs to be current. So, with a few tips from good friends and the mighty WordPress, here is yet another incarnation. The galleries will, ideally, be expanded+better intergrated into the layout & i may make a …

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the end is the..

Biorequiem fried last week. All that remains are bits in the wayback machine, so the chronicle will carry on its legacy until i find a proper web designer or tool to make the Biorequiem engine go forth. I was vastly frustrated with the old version because of its limited/limiting update capacity, so this is, ultimately, for the best.

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