*where I dump on yewww

Exhibit A: Lumi, Lisa of Eerie Art and I, being shiny and eating cupcakes at The Edison

Exhibit B: New art, as mentioned yesterday. Limited edition museum quality prints are waiting to be made available for the first time to attendees of a very special solo show, coming up this summer.

Exhibit C: in the bathroom of Paris on the Platte, my old-school Denver hang-zone

Exhibit D: at a”Cowboys & Indians” party on Friday – a concept initially frowned upon, but later accepted due to the presence of a bouncy castle and dressing up as a real Indian, to show them all. TheD is an oil man, you will agree.

I encourage interested parties to keep up with my twitter and flickr accounts as they are updated almost daily, and often hold keys to mysteries of the universe in addition to numerous photos and written nonsense.