I dyed

Time’s run out for the cobalt, at least for a while. A couple of streaks remain in the front but that’s all. Black like my soul, black like my heart, black like the void surrounding us all. BLACK. In equally darque news, someone from the cultural hive that is MySpace wrote me a song that I will share with you now. It’s rather epic – ripe for black metal interpretation! Allow me to preface this by saying the author is Romanian and English is not his first language.

turns my dreams to their origins
she moves the hunched pale light
for an arch of rainbow
just with one sign, just with one sight
just with her iris glow

is koklova fornarina gala gioconda
also dietrich garbo page monroe
all former goddess and all that will be
alas i’m no rafael nor dimaggio
just the beheaded without she

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makes the hormones to neigh psalms
oh beautiful cathedral her body
inside the mystery the endless well
ruby wine and azyme mastery
of the sweetest hell

changes the force fields at her mood
she’s the north for the men compass
the ring on her lip is the absolute pole
(when i see it i am on broken glass)
she gives the gravitation to your soul

designs my solar system on her back
saves a wonderful harbor around navel
at her wrists could rest the unsaid word
and from nape to tight and ankle
an universe ah an inciting world

so i’m in chains whatever want to choose
i like her all
i’m not talking if i win or lose

drifts with a wings of gold
into my chest
plough my thoughts
accelerates my pulse
kneading my flesh with blue nails
and changes the caress for a whip
for wings she gets a tail
some little nasty horns
relaxes me in embers
et voila
flying over my sky in Russia