1. 2007 is coming, whether you like it or not.
What better way to chronicle the imminent passing of time than wilth a 2007 Zoetica calendar?

click the image above to be taken to the order page. at $15 it’s a steal.

2. I do much corset modeling & a little print design for Versatile Fashions SO! If you order a corset or anything for that matter from them, and mention my name (Zoetica) in the comments section of the order form, you will get free shipping. Pretty neat, i think. (Shipping will be taken off at processing at the shop, not at checkout)

* * *

it’s come down to 2 weeks before i flee this cursed land for a brief Italian and Parisian adventure. the time is nigh, my little squidlings.

Aptly, my computer has taken ill, a friend is coming to visit from Chicago, i have to do Lumi’s hair as bday gift, i have commissions to send off, trip to plan, future WZWs to handle and, also, i’m in hell.

thus, it’s probably in everyone’s best interests not to be offended if emails aren’t returned ’til next year [which is less than a month away, so i can at least promise you that.]

if anyone’s interested, all i want for New Year’s [don’t do xmas, as most of you know] is lingerie and funds to finish my back tattoo.

email zoeticaebb@hotmail.com [this be my PayPal email] if you are compelled somehow, and want my size info or shipping address. That’s all for now.