I type this from a couch in Shien’s living room. The flight went well, the cab ride was appropriately terrifying and the welcome was warm. The aforementioned piece of furniture seems to take issue with basic laws of physics and is trying to throw me across the room with its deadly wobble. A pallid German is feeding me vodka, because almost everyone in the place is asleep besides me. It’s not working.

On Sunday I’ll be walking for AzAc at the Dances Of Vice festival, which I expect all you New Yorkers to attend. I return Monday night, thus halting my travel for a while to settle in and work on Issue 2 of Coilhouse Magazine. Which brings me to an announcement, just in case it passed you by this week. Please hold your breath for a moment.

Coilhouse Magazine, Issue 1 is now on sale.

Myself, Meredith Yayanos and Nadya Lev have worked incredibly hard to make this reality and I think we’ve done well. There are a few hiccups – we’re still learning, but it’s exactly the beautiful, diverse magazine I’ve long hoped we would create together.

Coilhouse Magazine

This is what I’ve been working on this year. All those questions, choices, fears – it’s all culminating here. The long, delirious nights spend toiling in the coil-kitchen, the even longer days of waiting have paid off and now it’s here, ready for all to enjoy. Be one of the first few to receive the limited edition, uncensored version!

This edition will not be in stores. Click here to get it now.

I should attempt sleep, for now. Should.