Time for another year-end summary, my seductive space warriors!

2011 has been one incredible adventure. I took hundreds of photos in Europe, wrote thousands of words, conducted my very first Kickstarter project that sent me to teach and make art in the Amazon jungle, debuted as a spoken word performer, made time to model for Stephen McClure, Allan Amato and Lydia Hudgens, was featured on LA Weekly – several times, released the 6th issue of Coilhouse Magazine, created my first iPhone cases with Izozzi, auctioned off a hand-painted denim jacket to benefit the Tor project in Egypt, designed custom tattoos, collaborated with Plastik Wrap on my first mini-collection and finally began painting again.

All this in addition to every manner of life event imaginable, of course. This was also the heart-wrenching year my father and one of my grandmothers left this world, the brain-zapping year I left Coilhouse, the phenomenal year A and I evolved at a breakneck pace, together.

It was the Emotional Bootcamp year, a year of extremes, but it ends in a state of emerging balance. I anticipate great things. Bring it, 2012.