As we’re moving into mid-December, it’s time to take stock. 2010 has been a mad whirlwind, and that’s an understatement, but I like doing this every year, to help myself plot what’s next. So! A short list of events, which doesn’t include the lovely people I met, good friends who have become even better, stages of insight, long night-time walks, sparkling parties, delicious new desserts, fucked-up dreams and carnal discoveries, though it probably should, because that’s the stuff that actually matters. Which is probably why I keep most of it offline, mm? Onward, to select facts!

Had a wedding reception, moved into a house after ten years in one place, went to Salt Lake City, NYC, San Diego and San Francisco, performed a Butoh act with Clint Catalyst, interviewed Chet Zar and, with A, Clive Barker, and then, with Mer and Nadya, published the most incredible issue of Coilhouse yet. Also: went to a bunch of concerts [including X Japan and Owen Pallett], shot some of my favorite photos to date, picked up Tarot again, had a few internet draw-offs with Molly Crabapple [A+ want to do again], designed a ton of Coilhouse merch, showed some art and got properly shitfaced at the Poetry Brothel, finally made it to E3, posed with A as Master and Margarita, capturing the story that’s inspired me since childhood for a couple of hours, got my upper back tattoo finished after 5 years, released limited edition prints and stickers, along with my first screen-printed poster, photographed David J for Mer’s epic interview and Wil Wheaton for Coilhouse, too, released my Dissociation T-shirt, worked on a collaboration with Travis Louie…

And that’s maybe half of it.

Yeah, I’d be lying if I said this year wasn’t challenging. More so than the past five years, even. But it’s also been a year of tremendous growth and transformation, and that’s never easy, especially for willful hellcats such as myself. So, high five, 2010. You were a beautiful, shining c*nt of a year, and I do mean that in the best way possible. You were alluring and productive and mysterious and difficult at times, but ultimately you were thoroughly exhilarating.

And since we can’t talk about the past without talking about the future [though I’m not sure if they aren’t the same], a few of the things I’m looking forward to in 2011:

  • In late January: an EVENT I’m performing in. More on that very soon!
  • Also in January, talking to publishers about the FASHION BOOK Courtney Riot and I have been working on [BAM]
  • Visiting Rome, Florence, Pompeii and Paris in April
  • India in May
  • Releasing more screen-printed art for youuu
  • Working out more
  • Writing and shooting more
  • Making more art, art art art ineverythingallthetime
  • More downtime. Essential.