Photo Flurry 066 – EuroZoom 2011, Part 2

These were taken during my first full [and I do mean full] day in Rome, and are but a taste of many, many more, which are coming to ChinaShop soon. Stay tuned for more Coliseum, Vatican Museum, Forum, and the jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring St. Peter’s Basilica. See also: EuroZoom 2011, Part 1. Morning outside my hotel Coliseum wall Katya 2008 Inside the Coliseum Exploring The Forum An grief-stricken dog inside the Vatican museum The tapestry hall in the Vatican museum is …

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Photo Flurry 065 – EuroZoom 2011, Part 1

I am returned from a flurry of cathedrals, cobblestones, ancient history and art. Evidence bombardment begins. Heathrow A disturbing iPod dock Tea + appetizers + Light Asylum shirt at Gordon Ramsey’s Plane Food restaurant Steak Carpaccio Foie Gras Epic gift from Mom – the Alexander McQueen bee skull ring Mom, being awesome and enjoying the menu Sleepy after the flight, on the way to drop bags off at our hotel Rome, being beautiful at night The best gelato of my …

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