There is, sometimes, a compulsion to write as a way of collecting, organizing. At the present, however, I am preoccupied with too much and that means you only get photos, this time. Proof of life, some indication that things happened and they happened well and by the whiskers of Einstein there are more things on the way.

I went to New York and saw many, many beautiful people, sparkling jewels, towering wigs and elaborate costumes. I photographed just when I remembered to, but the lights were lowest when I needed them most, the camera was fussy – all reminding me to put the lens down and just experience instead of document. I mostly listened. Click the [blurry! BLURRY!] photo of Maeri to see what bits of the visual feast that was the Dances of Vice Festival survived my massive deletions.

NYC August 2008 58

Sit tight.