It was already after five in the desert. Approaching Arches national park in the rented Toyota, we were suddenly surrounded by rainbows.


Or had the rainbows been following us? I was sure I’d seen two across a great Utah expanse earlier that day.


We rushed against advancing night. The late afternoon sun made the sandstone glow fire-red and, out of season, the mostly vacant, blazing sprawl was probably the closest I’d been to seeing Mars.


Against bright blue sky, these colossi had little in common with the names people had given them over the years. The Tower of Babel. Dark Angel. The Three Gossips. The Fiery Furnace.


These names mean nothing to the rocks, who shared no history nor tongue with those who named them.

P1050954Being in the presence of something that began three hundred million years ago does wonders for one’s perspective, highlighting both human insignificance and the grandeur of the universe.


And also all that separates us from stone.

P1050878P1050903P1050873 P1050926 P1050890P1060004 P1050919 Have you ever seen a mule deer? They’re at least 75% cuter than regular deer due to heir massive ears.

P1060017 P1060008P1050965P1060007  P1060003P1050996 P1050985 P1050983P1060030

Until the Future!