Last month mister Christopher Hand commissioned a drawing, loosely inspired by Neli Gaiman’s Delirium and Death. Let it be known that Sandman was the single most inspiring comic book of my youth. I didn’t really get into comics [or, at the time, singular “comic”] until I was 15. Gaiman’s use of Greek mythology resonated with me, as that happened to be some of my favorite reading material growing up. His use of alluring goths also appealed to my then-extra-black soul, and I’m fairly sure I actually got into serious trouble for drawing Dream in Chemistry class once. All this is to say I was very pleased with the assignment, the results of which have finally fallen into mister Hand’s hands, {!} which means I am now at liberty to share it here.


Part of our agreement was my ability to offer reproductions of the piece to you, as well. Perhaps a bit late for the holidays, but better late than not at all, I say. 7.5 x 10″ in shades of deep plum, cinnamon and chartreuse, she’s in the shop, or can be yours right hurr at a special holiday price of $24.99

And! If you ordered from me this week and would like to tack this on to your order, email me directly and I’ll combine shipping. A close-up: