Hire Me!

I’m available for a variety of assignments. Please drop me a line for rates and further discussion.



The talents of Bilibin, Zvorykin, Dmitriev and Rackham breathed life into the stories that fed my imagination as a kid – it’s no surprise that I began to draw the moment I could hold a pencil. Today, I love creating imagery that helps take novels, stories, articles, brands and posters to another level.

Fine Art

Painting is my muse, ink and oil are my indulgence. I paint on canvas, wood, walls or paper, and specialize in portraits, surreal plant-life, creatures and otherworldly vixens. I’m open to most types of commissions and will work with you to accurately capture your vision.

Tattoo Design

Treat yourself or your dearhearts to a gift that lasts a lifetime with original tattoo designs created just for you, be it tentacles, snorkeling mermaids, skeletal birds or pretty robots. Contact me with your questions and ideas for a quote.

Fashion Design

I’m available for collaboration on fashion projects, whether that means T-shirt designs or entire avant garde pieces. I have my own mini-collection with Toronto future fashion pioneers, Plastik Wrap. If you’re a company or design house and have a proposal in mind, I’d love to hear from you.


I create unique, distinct art components for all your brand identity and merchandising needs.


I have years of experience in editing, writing and interviewing, with a special interest in arts, travel, fashion, sociology and new technologies. Passionate about in-depth essays, speedy quips and incisive reportage alike, I’m available for all of the above and more.


From in-the-field photojournalism, travel coverage, urban exploration, dynamic headshots and promotional band photos, to fashion editorials and portraits – I shoot it all.