Ads and I have been featured on G4 TV, MTV, L.A. Weekly, Valleywag and a kaleidoscope of other sources. My style and beauty columns have been gaining in popularity for almost five years, and my artwork is published and shown all over the world in galleries, magazines, and, occasionally, on skin. reaches thousands of artists, designers, fashionistas, writers, tech junkies, and adventure enthusiasts. My readers are ambitious, curious, creative, and devour life by the barrel.

Ad Rates

  • One-sentence text ad $400 – 12 months
  • 210 x 210 square $50/1 wk, $100/1 month, $300/6 mos., $600/12 mos.
  • 210 x 300 rectangle $75/1 wk, $175/1 month, $450 /6 mos., $800/12 mos.
  • 210 x 600 tower $100/1 wk, $200/1 month, $650/6 mos., $1,100/12 mos.

Email me to become part of Biorequiem!

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